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Through these panels, we explore what's important to South Auckland voters ahead of the General Election.

Do young people care about voting?

We catch up with four young South Aucklanders between the ages of 18-24 on what voting means to them. Why they do it, why they don’t, their first time, and what’s on their minds for the 2023 General Election.

Vote to have a say, vote to be heard!

Oscar Kightley and three of our everyday #SouthAucklandVotes workers discuss what voting means to them and to our people.

What underscores the power of our peoples’ voices?

We are excited to feature a panel of accomplished experts Noeleen Tuala, Christian Tukutama, Epi Alesana in their respective fields deeply passionate about voting and its significance in shaping our communities’ futures.

It's our Christian duty to VOTE - Pasifika Church Ministers' Collective.

#SouthAucklandVotes Reverend’s Ifalame Teisi from the Free Church of Tonga Taulanga U, Reverend Atunaisa Drokanawai Lagi currently with the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Rev Sam Misionare Lafolua of EFKS Onehunga discuss faith, voting and doing good by their congregations and communities.

Law & Order & South Auckland Votes

Crime’s been a bit of a hot topic these elections, our panelists come from within the community and the justice sector. They discuss voting, trust in the system and what they’re seeing in their respective fields. #SouthAucklandVotes #TalanoaPanel #GoVoteNZ

Have you voted yet?

Have you voted yet? Our last Talanoa Panel is focused on health issues affecting South Aucklanders.
Don’t forget have your say and vote!

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